Clear and honest personable staff! Follow the program and good results will come.I first came to Slim Sister as I bought an online package. I checked reviews and felt it was a reputable company and promising program. The customer experience has been excellent and its easy to book appointments.My results have been promising. I likely will proceed with more sessions for maintenance. I have lost 6 lbs and lost 3 inches my skin is tighter.


Georgia Taylor
March 8, 2018

Make no mistake, Ashley is the real deal. She is incredibly knowledgeable, she has a wonderful personality, There’s no question that Ashley knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of your body, mind and soul.

Add to that that she can teach you exactly how to get your nutrition under control, and you have yourself an all-in-one solution that is worth her weight in gold.

The best part about visiting Ashley is that she is hilarious and adds a fun element to every visit to keep me motivated and working on my weight loss goal.

October 4, 2017

This was a great experience, I felt like they genuinely cared about my results. I was training for a fitness competition and I wanted to lose extra fat that I couldn’t get with diet and exercise.

The treatments are relaxing, and helped with stress and not painful at all.

My results were that this is the leanest I have seen my stomach area and my inner thighs. I went down an inch in my waist and this allowed my obliques to show better and my lower abs.

I would definitely suggest you check out Slim Sister if you want to get rid of stubborn fat, tighten everything up and as a result…I came in first place for the National Provincial Fitness Competition.

I give this business 5 stars and would come again and again for future treatments!

Jessica Zehr
August 29, 2017

Ashley is so professional and very knowledgeable. Honest, trustworthy, and very approachable! The treatments were exactly what I needed and wanted! I am very happy with both the service and the results!

I have always struggled with one stubborn area of my body, as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor myself I know it is difficult to target a trouble spot specifically! The services that Slim Sister provided enabled me to better “hit” the spot that I wanted to reduce and smooth out in preparation for a photo shoot.

This is an amazing service and very accommodating (I have a busy schedule), with great results!

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am very happy with the outcome of the treatments!

My skin is Smoother, tighter and a bit trimmer for sure!!!

Worth it!! 100%! If you’re doing everything else “right” but still struggling to get those last couple spots to trim down for you, it made a huge difference! I recommend this to anyone wanted to tighten and tone up!!

Rachel Skinner
August 28, 2017

I’m so happy with the service, expertise, and results (already!!) that I have received with the purchase of this groupon! I’m so pleased and I highly recommend slim sister to anyone who is looking to tighten up, tone, and shed some excess weight!

Author Name
August 19, 2017

Ashley is so knowledgeable and friendly!!! Her programs, design, and implementation are all very well rounded and effective!!! If you’re looking for the extra push, motivation, technique to help you in your health/fitness/body journey she can help!! I highly recommend inquiring about her services!!  

Author Name
August 17, 2017

Ashley was very friendly yet professional. She thoroughly explained how the treatments would work and what kind of results to expect. The treatment itself was very relaxing. I received a bunch of great recipes as well. I purchased 3 treatments which are a good start however you do need to have more in order to see good results. I look forward to continuing treatments at Slim Sister Body Transformation

Kathy S
August 16, 2017

Amazing experience. She is so polite. And digs deep to help you set your goals.

Cassandra F
August 15, 2017

In only a few sessions I have already seen results from these treatments! Amazing! I’m so happy! The service, knowledge, and treatment space are all wonderful and I highly recommend you give this a try if you are looking to tone and tighten stubborn areas!

Rachel S
July 14, 2017

Ashley was really easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable in her presence. Office is beautiful and friendly. I’m looking forward to working with Ashley to reach my goals

Wendy H
July 3, 2017

The treatment was relaxing and really helped bring my tummy down and I feel encouraged and motivated to stick with my plan in between sessions! The staff was very professional motivating and caring

Jocelyn S
July 2, 2017

Really great and friendly atmosphere, she really makes you feel welcome and helps you understand which services are for you.

Elizabeth K
July 1, 2017

This was an amazing experience! From start to finish i was made to feel welcome, heard and understood. I would highly recommend this to anyone. You will love it. Talk about feel good place of business.

Laura G
June 29, 2017