The Slim Sister Creed


We believe that every woman already deserves to feel sexy and that a little indulgence is all it takes to make your inner feminine mystique sway in that alluring way. We believe to catch your dreams you must first slow down and wait for what the universe has to offer you.

We believe that you can finally take the time, make the plan and put yourself first. We believe that they key to loving yourself and your body is by honoring all that is scared through self-care. We believe in throwing caution to the wind, jumping in with both feet and embarking whole heartedly in a pursuit of happiness and joy.

We believe in feminine magic and the inherent wisdom of the goddess within each and everyone one of us. We believe in big dreams, big hair, big ideas and even bigger goals. We believe in order to achieve your goals you must first believe you can. We believe in the law of energy and attraction and that the experiences we create ripple through out the universe. We believe it takes only one good decision to completely transform your life. We believe in ancient wisdom, old souls and scared beauty rituals. We believe in all that we are and all that we can become.

Who we are

Slim Sister was created for the woman who wants to take life into her own hands and live to her fullest potential – we believe the image and your vibration you send out into the universe tells a story about who you are.

Our goal is the create beautiful stories of change and transformation – knowledge gained and changes seen and celebrated!

All the programs, services and solutions we offer are inspired by unleashing the feminine prowess. We believe in researching the latest science and technology in order to stay on the cutting edge but also in the power of the spirit to heal your body and this may mean first healing your heart and mind. We work under the light of Himalayan Salt lamps and the scent of Lavender in the wood, white, gold and purple landscape in which we serve your higher purpose. Our treatment room is called the “Born Free to Fly Healing Chamber” and that is where the transformation takes place with the use of one of our many therapies. We are a woman’s owned and operated company for women by women and that’s how it will always stay. We are all here together for a reason and we are here to assist you on your journey where ever you may be on the path.